Daily Post #26 – 30/01/11

Well, it looks like a gorgeous day out there, sunshine, blue skies, crisp and fresh, and cold. Daren’t step outside quite yet, I just can’t cope with breathlessness at the moment. Asthma is really bad, even with maximum use of inhalers, salbutamol, Ipratropium, salmeterol, and an inhaled steroid to reduce inflammation.

My face still feels odd, jabs and stabs of pain, not severe but uncomfortable, the mesh sensation is still there. Also getting painful stabs around the left side of my throat, could be just a slight cold, though I don’t really have one. Beginning to wonder if this is further symptoms of facial neuralgia.

Left hand still not functioning as it should, still very numb on the outer side. Back pain is also less troublesome today.

Dizziness is much less of a problem, but my balance is still all over the place. Signing off @15:20

What a gorgeous day, lovely winter sunshine. Just too cold for my lungs, but I’ve enjoyed the day in the warm.@22:25


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