Daily Post #24 – 28/01/11

My left hand is much weaker today. I noticed yesterday that I couldn’t put much force through it when using my walking stick. I use my left hand for the stick as it is my right foot which tends to drop when walking. I had to swap to my right hand, and I was in extreme wobble mode, so unstable.

Mid back is tingling, but hasn’t got that much worse. But it is difficult to catch my breath at times when the asthma kicks in due to the added chest pain.

Not so dizzy at the moment. Hopefully this is a quiet phase. Signoff@10:09

Much better day with regard to the dizziness. Calf muscle and lower leg seems much better. All in all a much better day. Even the chest/mid back pain has been manageable. Left hand is still a bit weak but even that has not been too troublesome. One of the better days this month. So odd the way things change so quickly, it will never be really good but better days are there for the taking when they come along. Signing off @ 23:23



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