Daily Post #23 – 27/01/11

Wouldn’t it be good if today all I had to report was that I feel great, healthy, lively, and full of beans.

Mid back is much worse today, I think the effort in the kitchen last night was just that bit too much.

Right shoulder/neck, left mid back, bottom quarter of shoulder blade, right lower ribs… see the pattern. A physio that was helping me a few years ago looked at the straightness of my spine and noted that there was a slight scoliosis (s-shaped lateral curve) and a prominent kyphosis forward curve (hump back). It probably not signifcant for someone without HNPP, but I believe that this causes many problems. Back to the thoracic nerve root pinching that my GP thought was likely to be my problem, 17 years ago, 7 years before diagnosis with HNPP. @10:37

I still haven’t had this investigated by the neurologists, simply because they dismiss it without even looking. I should point out that I haven’t been to see a neurologist for 5 years, my choice as I couldn’t cope with the constant denial of my symptoms, no trust.

Right thigh is burning, right ankle feels weak, left Ulnar is numb and weak, left back/chest/shoulder blade is getting very painful, keep getting odd jabs of pain in face. Ears ringing like crazy, but dizziness not so bad so far today, whahey, something positive to report.

Going out later to see mother. Looking forward to the drive, my partner does the driving, I get too dizzy, and my legs fall asleep if operating pedals. I don’t think I’d have the strength to operate car controls, the pain and fatigue would be far too much. So I sit back and enjoy the ride. @12:11

Dizziness has been much better today, which is quite a relief, it really does discombobulate (thanks for that one Kurt). Mid back, or should I say upper mid back has been much worse, quite painful in any position, but not nearly as bad as it can get. I’m hoping it will ease off rather than get worse. @18:34

Ah, I’m tired, going to give this a break. @ 23:46


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