Daily Post #22 – 26/01/11

Today I am going to try  to use speech recognition software.  Hopefully this will save my hands from becoming too cramped.

Well I managed the first two sentences, the third had too many words that weren’t recognised, it’s going to take some time for the SR to understand my speech. My voice has become croaky from all this speaking, which isn’t helping the poor thing. I’m exhausted!

I will persevere with this, as it will be a great help.

Getting dizzy again, gradually getting worse as the day goes on. My balance is atrocious, really wobbling all over the place.

Right calf has improved a lot, but right thigh is now being awkward and painful, that cold yet burning tingling pain. Outer side of right shin also feels quite weak, feels like it’s being pulled by elastic bands, but pulled in the wrong direction.. erm… does that make any sense whatsoever?

Ulnar still numb, left hand.

Upper back and neck not so bad.

Head is still vibrating due to all this talking… hmm…

Quite a bit of facial pain today, odd spots, both sides. Upper back got very painful and stiff, leading to extreme breathlessness whilst helping to prepare tea. Have been using so many inhalers recently that my heart is beginning to get skippy, horrible when it occurs at night.

I’m shattered, time to quit for the day. @23:02


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