Daily Post #21 – 25/01/11

Left hand is quite numb, with a stiff sharp pain, in the ulnar distribution. Got to keep moving to relieve the pressure on my right thigh. Sharp pain between 3rd and 4th metatarsal, quite painful when flexed.

Slight shoulder pain, equally across both sides. Dizziness hasn’t really set in yet, hopefully it will give me a rest today. Yesterday was bad. Signing off @9:48

Shoulder, upper and mid back becoming very tight. have not really done anything to make things worse. it could be the fact that breathing has been difficult, the air is cold and that starts the asthma, and then that really strains my chest and back. Maybe not, could just have been an awkward position in bed.

Thigh is getting bad again, but calf grumbles have lessened. It’s a constant patchwork of grumbles, one area pops up, then another, it’s a pain in the ….

Signing off for the day. @ 20:56


Dizziness getting slightly worse, not too bad though. Have a slight electric tingle mid-upper back. This might fizzle out, I hope so. @12:09

Yep shoulders getting worse, really heavy pressure back of neck. Tingle with spikes on under left shoulder blade. Not really bad yet, but getting worse.  @16:30


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