Daily Post #19 – 23/1/11

More dizziness this morning, seems to be a regular event. Asthma meds seem to make it worse, as do the pain medication. Taking plenty of cinnarizine to combat the nausea. I suppose this isn’t HNPP. It does however cause my ability to move to be curtailed, then HNPP can become problematic.

Right leg still unpleasantly painful, still lots of twitching, calf muscle. Right thing is also painful, burning numb pain if that makes sense.

Ulnar nerve, left, still affected. Numb outer side of hand. Hands, both, still weak.

Good news is that shoulders / neck less troublesome.

Signing off @ 13:12

Walked to the shop, very off-balance, and very breathless. Very difficult walk back, had to stop numerous times to catch my breath.

signing off and posting @ 20:38


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