Daily Post #14 – Hippy

My right hip is doing it’s thing today. It feels quite unstable, and is seizing up very easily. So far my hands don’t feel so bad. My balance is rubbish, my body is all over the place, wobble, stagger, clump. Leg going dead.. must move… @13.04

Hands and wrists now becoming painful on repetitive movement, and when exerting any pressure. Defensive shields attached, ie braces on. @17:07

Walked to the shop, balance very bad, quite dizzy in the shop. The walk back was difficult with my hip causing quite some considerable pain, the effort makes me very breathless, the cold air doesn’t help that either. But I still like to try the walk, it’s the only way I have to assess my abilities, and the exercise, however small, feels good. At least people around here know me, having lived here for 24years. I have every belief that if I ended up in the gutter someone would come to help before long. @18:07

Time to quit for the day… @23:22



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