Daily Post #11 – Wrist Braces

wrist braces

One of those days.

Quite painful wrists and hands today. Can’t bear any touch on the underside of the wrist, because of the shocks which result into my  hands.

Right hip very stiff and locking up after sitting still for more than 5 minutes.

Strange patch of numbness unnder my right knee, keep thinking I have a hole in my trouser knee.

Chest and ribs are still tight, but definitely eased off from two days ago. Signing off@15.38

As soon as I stood up after signing off, I felt my upper back pinch, it’s still troublesome but thankfully hasn’t taken me over the edge yet. One reason why I may have so many troubles with my back is that I have a notable kyphosis according to my geneticist. Didin’t need a geneticist to tell me that as I’ve been awre of my hunched back and rounded shoulders since childhood. I was always being told to stand straight and not to hunch. Trouble is that if I do stand straight I get this upper back pain, and I’ve always found it very difficult to keep a straight posture. It does seem to run in the family but not necessarily in the HNPP pedigree, because I seem to be the only one from my generation and back that has HNPP. Unfortunately my son’s have inherited it (HNPP).

That’s enough for today. Signing off @22.43


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