Daily Post #10 – Fatigued

The title sums it all up really. Just very tired today, balance is all over the place, ears are really humming and keep getting stabs of vertigo, short intense spins. My headaches, and I keep seeing bright streamers and persistence of vision.

My upper back has eased off a bit, gone back to niggling state, so that’s good, because any more than that is very difficult to live with, as all upper body movement becomes exceedingly painful.

My legs keep going dead very easily this morning, can’t sit still for long. My lower back feels stiff so perhaps a touch of sciatica.

Shoulder aren’t as bad but nagging. All in all, just a bit too much for me to manage easily, probably why I feel so exhausted. Hands now beginning to complain from typing too much. Signing off @12.21

Now 22.15, think it’s time to call a halt to today’s proceedings… toodlepip.

Oh.. one thing to add because it looks as if it is really gathering momentum. The campaign to stop the DLA reform (welfare reform: or how to make cuts in services by dressing it up as reform) in the UK seems to have hit a pivotal moment. The petition has grown masively today, which is promising. It’s one month until the end of the consultation period, and one group who are responsible for the petition are holding a ‘blogswarm’ called ‘one month before heartbreak’. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do to be part of the blogswarm, but I guess this mention and tags will help to raise awareness. And the link to the hub for ‘blogswarm: 1 month before heartbreak’.


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