Daily Post #9 – upper back pain

Yeouch! Must have slept badly last night, woken up with upper back pain, shoulder and it’s blade is very painful, feels like it’s winging. Very tight chest, not lung, but muscular tightness, but of course this makes it very difficult to breathe because of pain. Have a tight knot sensation, must be at around the T4-T6 level. Also the lower ribs are really giving me some aggro, tingling sensation. If yesterday was grumpy today will be even worse. signing off @ 9:26.

Thanks to good pain relief, today hasn’t been too bad. I do find that if I stand for too long my ribs start to feel very tight, it is just very tiring. This core weakness is quite debilitating, as it has such an impact on virtually all activities.

My hands have been quite bad today. I did my usual wlk to the shop, and found it quite painful to hold my walking stick that I need for balance. Sharp stabbing pains at my wrist which feel quite like electric shocks into the outer palm and fingers. I tried to swap to my right hand, but that was even worse. I tend to use the stick in my left as it is my right foot which tends to drop whilst walking, so using the right to carry the stick isn’t that helpful, besides the right hand pain.

Facial pain has been a little more troublesome, niggling jabs from time to time, the freezing numbness isn’t so prominent but is still lurking in the background. I think it is probably there for the rest of my life, so plenty of time to get used to it! Signing off @ 22.21.


2 thoughts on “Daily Post #9 – upper back pain

  1. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for that suggestion. I’ve never heard of a gutter crutch before, looked it up on google and I’ve never seen one before either. I can see that I might have problems with them due to my breathlessness, but I would have to try before knowing for sure. I’ll speak to my therapist (when I get one) about them, it would be good to try before buying.

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