Daily Post #5 – Tired Day

I’ve not spent much time at the computer today, not really a conscious effort to give it a rest, but probably a rest for my hands was necessary.

I have hurt my left shoulder upper chest, not sure how, but it is an oldish injury. Gives me sharp chest pain and pain around the band approximately level with thoracic vertebrae 5, give or take a level or so. This first happened about 3 or 4 years before I was diagnosed with HNPP. I had no idea what it was and at that level cardiac problems spring to mind. On the third or so occasion that it occured my GP finally decided that it was likely to be a pinched nerve root. He explained that it was unusual but that when it happened it was often mistaken for a coronary and the people with it would often end up in hospital. The pain can be quite indescribable and at the top of the pain scale, ie a 10. I was quite reassured by his diagnosis and on reflection it seemed to coincide with strenous lifting and twisting activity. At least it’s not my heart were my thoughts at the time.

On being diagnosed with HNPP it didn’t immediately cross my mind that it was a related problem until the next reoccurence. When it did, it was obvious to me that this was the case. A momentarily pinched thoracic nerve root, or in medical parlance, a radiculopathy.

Sadly my attempts to talk to neurologists about this have been unsuccessful. Again, their ignorance of HNPP, and their arrogance in dealing with the unknown, has led to years of bullying and dismissal. After 10 years I have still not had any investigations for this problem, simply because they do not believe it can happen. They are fools and I feel very sorry for anyone with HNPP who has to see them, because any problem other than a painless pressure palsy will be ignored. So much for neurological science, they don’t practice science, they have closed minds.

Bitter… what, me?… yeah you bet.

I’m tired, so I’ll leave today’s entry at this point.


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