Daily Post #4 – A quick review of the daily posts

I think it’s been quite positive doing this daily blog. Sure I’m really giving it a good old moan (describing symptoms), but if I didn’t the majority of this would remain hidden and bottled up. It’s actually quite cathartic to get it out.

Besides, there have been a few topics that have surfaced that I’d like to discuss (or is it a mono-moanalogue), which would have just been fleeting thoughts, and would have passed into the daily drudge. I’ll try and expand on those topics in the HNPP section, which could be considered the post a week section. I’ll see how that develops, it’s got to be an ‘organic process’, I can’t really force it.

My bloomin’ thigh is giving me a pestering time. Any pressure on it makes it burn then next thing it will feel frozen. I’m turning into such a fidget, although it’s not turning because I’ve been a fidget all my life. The more I say that word, the stranger it sounds, fidget fidget fidget… weird huh!

Oh! yes I remember, I got up this morning had a good stretch and gave out a shout of pain. My left arm is really giving it some now, as I said in a previous post, it’s a dead pain, and it fecking hurts. Now my shoulder muscle, deltoid I think, is breaking out in spontaneous twitching. Such fun eh!… Typical of HNPP in some ways, it’s not just about feet and hands, in fact HNPP is well described as being multi-focal. Even if the first palsies might be leggy or armey, it certainly isn’t restricted  to them. It can just as easily occur on any part of the human body where the peripheral (does not mean the extremities) nerves are subjected to anatomical or environmental compression, stretch or other trauma. This doesn’t mean that it is worse than it has been described, in fact I still believe it to be a ‘mild’ disease, but so often many symptoms and problems go unrecognised because of this ‘mild’ tag. It’s always a relative term and shouldn’t prejudice the mind of the investigator, sadly it nearly always does.


Padded up! My wrist have become very sensitive, can’t bear to have any pressure on them at all, nasty sharp stabbing hand pain. Some would say carpal tunnel, but it’s not. This is how I was diagnosed, there is nothing that surgery would accomplish, or so my ortho surgeon said. It’s not really entrapment, althought I have the same symptoms, it is the inherent demyelinating nature of HNPP. I am wearing a wrist brace made by McDavid Medical. Neoprene wrap with a hard plastic splint to keep the wrist in a neutral position. I need to give this typing a rest.

signing off @ 16.15


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