Daily Post #3 – 7th Jan 2011

12.21 Much the same as yesterday, face hurts (tingling cold and ants under skin crawling sensation) a bit more.

Similar tingling sensation around and under lower ribs, and the knotty back is lurking in the background.

Must try and go for a short walk today, to shop and back which is about 100 yards. Haven’t been out to the shop for… seems like weeks, though I think it was last friday. It was a difficult walk back, very breathless, and lots of ataxia not helped by foot drop and nagging hip pain. And just to think that I used to walk everywhere, several miles a day, and used to cycle to work, a six mile round trip. Hohumm… signing off @12.29


Walked to the shop. It’s a fine thing being indoors in an environment that I know well, not too many steps between A and B and plenty of spaces to rest or to re-adjust my balance. It’s a big wide and open world out there, it’s really good to get out… waahey freedom.  I wobble and stagger all over the place, thanks to no inner ear balance function. Having a poorly responsive body doesn’t help with balance, and it’s not long before I’m gasping for breath. I’m asthmatic, quite badly so it seems, or so the histamine challenge test proves. One whiff of methacholine and I’m gasping, which proves without doubt that I’m asthmatic. It doesn’t help when I have shoulder and upper back and rib pain, but then asthmatics also have this problem. My proximal ‘mild’ and intermittent muscular weakness really doesn’t help though, and I am convinced they are independent problems. They do however combine to cause sudden and quite dramatic episodes of breathlessness. It is quite hateful, it will be the death of me one of these days of that I am sure. I’m not going to dwell on it, even though this blog may suggest otherwise, I really do treasure every second, even when gasping for breath.

The first thing I noticed when I went out was  a beautiful crescent moon and the bright light of the planet Jupiter shining through the banded late evening and partially cloudy sky. If today was going to be the day, then there could be none better…  thank you Crazy Horse…

Signing off for now, @ 21.33


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