Daily Post #2 – 6th Jan 2011


Well, I had a better night didn’t wake up with dead arms once. My right shoulder is quite painful though, it’s almost as if I can feel a nerve being pinched as I raise my arm. It’s quite a sickening feeling.

I don’t know why but my left leg is getting pins and needles very easily this morning, the lower leg feels quite weak and there’s a mild foot drop occuring. My right foot has this burning sensation along the outer edge, which could be a development from yesterday’s right sciatica. The thigh pain is coming back, I don’t think this chair is helping, a different chair from yesterday.

Now my hands have started, so it’s time to do something else. Thinks… Mornings are often a difficult time of day, but this contradicts the ‘neurology for dummies’ opinion that PN get worse as the day goes on. This opinion doesn’t really apply to HNPP, something to blog about in the other section, methinks. Signing off at 10.33.


Yeuch! What a lousy morning.

Going out later to visit my 85 year old Mother who is in a residential home for those with dementia. My partner will be doing the driving as I am longer allowed to drive due to sudden and unpredictable episodes of vertigo. Unfortunately my weak neck muscles mean that all the head turning required when driving seems to trigger the attacks. To be honest  I don’t mind not being able to drive, the traffic these days is horrendous. Signing off at 13.25


It was good to get out, haven’t been out for nearly two weeks, it has been too cold. The only problems I had were lousy balance, and the cold slap sensation that seizes my left cheek. But mostly I enjoyed watching the skies and the cloud formations. Mum seemed quite subdued, seems to have a chest infection and looked very tired. But she did remember my name, which was positive.

Have been listening to the band that my son plays bass for. They were on the local radio, the show itself was painful to listen to, goodness knows what the presenters were on about half the time, but the band’s performance was quite good. They’ve been working hard on their harmony singing. I was impressed. I put a post up on my WP360 for them,

LSTRTS on local radio – Newport City

Time to blog out… @ 20.56…


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