Daily post #1 – 5th Jan 2011


This is going to be short, or done in dribs and drabs. Obviously spent too long typing yesterday, so any contact my wrists make with the keyboard is a ‘shocking’ experience. My forearms are also very sensitive, and already causing shocks into my hands along the ulnar nerve path, little fingers begining to tingle. There’s also a tightness which is building up in the muscles in my hand.


Two other main problem areas today are my mid back, around the thoracic and lumbar junction, feels like a tight knot around my spine, if I bend forward, or slump as I sit, I get a band of tingles around my abdomen, this rapidly becomes hot and painful with a very unpleasant increase in the tingling.

My outer thigh is also giving me the same tingly heat, very sensitive to touch, probably a type of meralgia paresthetica, seems to be worse in this particular chair.

So I must change routine today, and keep my computer time to a minimum, I’ve overstayed the welcome already, so signing off for now.


A few other daily problems. My shoulder and upper arms are taking quite a hit at the moment. I wake up several times a night, anywhere between 3-6 times, with dead arms or dead hands. They have been coming back to life within several minutes, perhaps 5-10 mins. But this has been leaving me with residual weakness particularly of the upper arms, such that I am finding it difficult to raise my arms or lift them sideways, such as trying to drink a cup of tea, or filling the kettle. There’s a ‘dead’ pain that can suddenly come on, which makes certain activities, like lifting a kettle just a tad dangerous. My shoulders are troublesome and have been for almost as long as i can remember. The blades wing, and the shoulder joint is quite unstable, it’s really quite easy for my shoulder to partially dislocate, and that is agony when it happens.

Finally my hips seem to be just as bad as my shoulders, I think this is probably a form of sciatica, not just the pain right down the leg and a burning focal point in my butt, but also the nerves that supply my hip and gluteal muscles are involved. Walking more than 10 or so paces and my right hip can start to really hum. I’ve had physio for this but that was not successful, in fact the exercises made the problem worse. I have a positive trendelenburg’s sign, ie my right hip cannot support the weight of my body so the left hip drops when the left leg is raised.

I’m dizzy. Might not have anything to do with HNPP, but as far as I’m concerned it hasn’t been ruled out as a potential cause. Ears are going mad, tinnitus is at screaming pitch, if I let myself listen to it. Thankfully I’ve had tinnitus so long, ~30 years, that I can tune it out most of the time. But it is always there.

Well I don’t expect these daily posts to be as long as this everyday. I guess this being the first, it will be the longest, as I have to introduce these problems.

It’s now 13.08 and my hands and thigh are saying ‘enough!’…. time to move… laterz…


Wow, tired out. Face aches, cold numbness in left cheek, and a rather angry growl from the right upper jaw. Will be pleased to see the dentist, and that’s saying something! Need to make sure it’s not just rotting teeth. Probably isn’t just a grumbling trigeminal nerve.

Lower ribs are aching, asthma doesn’t help, but it’s always worse when this mid back knot appears. Right hip is aching and cold jabbing ache, which reaches down to the outer side of my right foot.

A few subjects for further discussion in the HNPP section of this blog; Double crush injuries and HNPP; Radiculopathies, sciatica and brachial plexopathies, the thoracic/lumbar junction and truncal symptoms of HNPP.

Rather pleased to be signing off from this  blog-post. Putting a few links in then it’s …



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