I think this blog has reached the crossroads. I haven’t blogged daily or weekly before, but I’m wondering whether to try to do this in future. The current WordPress scheme to encourage daily or weekly blogs would be quite a challenge for this blog.

The only way I could keep up a daily post is to use the blog as a daily symptoms check. I don’t wish to include other topics, my other blog “leaf’s 360” which is an amalgam of two previous blogs, one from yahoo 360, and the remnants of my MSN Spaces blog, is a better place those topics.

I don’t have the time or energy to write daily posts on the medical and scientific aspects of HNPP or other neuropathies, perhaps a weekly post would be more achievable, but  doubt that too. So it comes down to writing daily HNPP snapshots, ie focusing on daily problems and symptoms. I fear though that this will be seen as nothing more than a whinge, but it would be useful to see the progression of the disease, and also to show it’s great variability and reactivity to environmental change, including my own behaviour and routines.

So I’m thinking… perhaps a separate page for this might be the solution…

Time to investigate

Edit: Hmm… doesn’t look as if I can, but perhaps I need to clean up the categories a bit more.

Edit2: Categories cleaned, and learnt how to create a custom menu.


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