Ahhh!  The agony..

10 days ago after returning from a night out in Taunton, where my son was playing a Gig with his band, Smoke No Fire, I managed to crush my ribcage whilst trying to retrieve our cat who had taken the opportunity to dash outside the front of the house while my son was unloading all his amps and speakers from the car.

She’s an awkward cuss, and the only way to get her back in is to shut the front door, open the window and wait until she is ready to come back in, at which point she will sit on the window sill and plaintively mew. rather than risk her running off again, at 1.45 in the morning I decided to reach out of the window and lift her up and back into the house. This is the point at which I put quite a lot of pressure on my right 4th or 5th rib. I didn’t notice any pain at first but a few minutes later I realised I had injured my rib again. lifting my arm and reaching out evoked immense pain.

Now I’ve had this happen before, about 18 months ago, and although no bruising can be seen my Doc thinks I have a bone bruise. Ouch! Being a rib, it makes breathing in or twisting or sitting in one position for any length of time excruciatingly painful. Why the hell do I bone bruise so easily, and is it really that. Sleep has become really difficult as moving in bed evokes such intense pain. My breathing is affected and because of asthma and COPD this really makes me puff hard, which of course causes even more pain.

I am now taking my maximum dose of morphine and adding paracetamol to the mix. If I could find the Ibuprofen gel I’d rub that in as well.

It could be another 2 or 3 weeks before this pain subsides.

It is beginning to cheese me off in a big way. Frasem rasem…

Ranty mood mode engaged for the foreseeable future….


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