A many sided coin

I seem to be struggling with multiple problems lately… or are they just manifestations of the same thing, the multiple faces of HNPP.

But that’s problematic, although HNPP is known to be multi-focal, it is probably not a good idea to assume that a particular nerve (or seemingly nerve) problem is related.

So what is it that’s bugging me.

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN), or possibly TN, as I haven’t seen a doc about this, can’t be bothered I get too many conflicting opinions from them. It all started several months ago, I thought it was a tooth problem, really painful tooth, impossible to chew food on that tooth. Then there were the other stabbing pains around my lower right jaw, sometimes burning pain, and a madly twitching muscle under my chin. I was so convinced it was toothache, that on my usual visit to the dentist I drew attention to it. Not a problem with my tooth, all was well there. It was this point that I began to suspect TN. It’s not the first time I’ve suspected this as a growing problem.

It comes in waves, although has been mostly shortlived, this recent episode lasted three or so months.
I seem to get problems in all three branches of the T.nerve, and on both sides, thankfully not all at the same time.

I have a notion that it’s been around for a long time. When I was struggling with my initial hearing loss and tinnitus, many moons ago, I also had what was thought to be sinusitis. I’m not convinced that it was that, I wasn’t then and now with the discovery of HNPP, I have an inkling that the sinusitis was a form of TN. That (sinusitis) seems to be another condition that TN can be mistaken for.

Well it would be good to speak to a knowledgeable Doctor about this, my GP is a good fellow,and would probably understand. But it would be good to speak to a neurologist about this. Sadly I don’t trust them one bit, they seem to have very little time for HNPP, and have no time to investigate the more unusual presentations that I have. I actually think are not so unusual it’s just that they very rarely listen to what someone with HNPP has to say, so knowledge and understanding fall by the wayside.
But if I don’t hassle them then they’ll never have the opportunity to prove me wrong… hohum, I’ll talk to my GP at sometime and see what he thinks.


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