Heat, Blogs, frazzled nerves … the path of least resistance

Hmm. Something isn’t quite right. I’ve often found coping with cold weather difficult, it seems to seize up my muscles and joints, and I’m sure this is due to reduced nerve conduction speeds at lower temperature. I’ve mentioned this before in the ‘cold burning feet’ post. I have to point out that it isn’t that my feet were actually cold, just a perception of cold which can sometimes feel as if it’s burning… anyway with that out the way, what’s the fuss with heat and summer temperatures.

I like the warm weather, it feels good, more so than winter weather, my body though doesn’t seem to respond well to heat, and this has been a creeping awareness of mine for sometime. As usual I try to deny these things, brush them off as perhaps just anomalous, but as I was looking over my old yahoo 360 blog, I found no end of odd references to hot weather, increased neuropathic pain and numbness, difficulty with mobility and and general fatigue. My old neuropathic pain and numbnes body maps from several years ago also clearly show this pattern. (I will scan these and post them here at a later date…)

So I’m not imagining this creeping insidious problem with high ambient temperatures.

Is this unease just due to HNPP? I’m not really sure, I’ve always found that the summer, can leave me struggling with vertigo and balance issues, so that’ll be ‘Meniere’s Disease’. But not entirely, in recent years migraines have become more troublesome, not just the thumping pounding one-sided headaches, but the weird neurological frookies with it. Odd vision quirks, persistence of images, scotomas- blind spots, sometimes brightly cooured, ataxia and depersonalisation that often accompanies these episodes.

I have no idea what is due to what anymore, and in someways it doesn’t matter. It is how it is and I have to find ways to cope with it.

I can cope in my own small circle of space, as long as there aren’t too many demands on my time. So I still like the summer, lazy summer days, where I can potter in my garden and take the changes in mobility and sensation as they come… find the path of least resistance…


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