Fatigue and HNPP

Well, I’m too tired at the moment to really do this topic justice. My fatigue has not always been due to just HNPP and will probably never be, but it does contribute, significantly.

Just imagine trying to carry out daily activities when parts of your body just do not respond quite as they should, feet going numb if standing too long, legs not moving to order, arms suddenly not able to lift or grab and grip. Sometimes an enormous amount of effort is required to do something that a few hours earlier was completed without problem.

Sleep is never really that refreshing, lying still in bed is a place where limbs will easily become dead and unresponsive, back and neck will become stiff and sometimes downright painful.

Now factor in other life events which can come in anyones direction; colds and flu, new activities – a new job, moving house, family trials and tribulations. The effect of other illnesses, apart from the viral ones – asthma, headaches, and vertigo and hearing loss (my particular nemesis). Quite easily fatigue can come through the door and make itself quite at home…

As with any chronic illness, pacing is extremely important, but very difficult to manage…

I’ll be back…”

Article on Pacing from HNPP.org

And Conservative Management


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