About this Blog

From today, 4/1/2011 (or 1/4/2011 in M/D/Y format), this blog will be divided into two main sections.

HNPP – All posts relating to HNPP that are, hopefully, informative and about HNPP in general. It will be scientific/medical in flavour and may contain much medi-tech jargon. That’s not to say that the other section, below, will not be so afflicted. It should give me a little more flexibility when writing blog posts. I will endeavour to check information and try to provide links, where possible.

A Day in the Life – Will be a rolling day to day (perhaps) account of my life with HNPP, there’ll be a good deal of moaning, wailing, and gnashing of teeth… no not really, but it might get a little self-indulgent. However, I thought it would be worth trying, just to give an idea of how HNPP is progressing and reacting to my environment, habits, and routines.

The “A day in the life” section is not being  updated, mostly, I will be concentrating on posting links to medical articles and reviews of HNPP.

HNPP: Case Histories and Personal Perspectives is a new blog dedicated to the stories, biographies and histories of people who live with HNPP.

With these thoughts in mind please select the category you wish to peruse from the menu above, or select posts from the Category drop downlist to the right of this post.


The Link to my old yahoo 360 blog (imported to wordpress) has been reinstated. 360 – The other slices is everything else I feel like blogging about, usually gardens, guitars, music, and whatever else pops into my noodly brain. It’s been added for a bit of balance, hardly any HNPP gubbins will appear there.